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naztech is an award winning company of data engineering, data processing and business process automation specialists. Our overarching mission is to help our customers win with data and streamlined processes.


Need better analytics?  We design and deliver fast, flexible, scalable data platforms to deliver insights. Need to run operations more efficiently and improve your bottom line? We drive down your costs through process outsourcing and cutting-edge automation.

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naztech is a trusted partner, providing deep expertise in data engineering and business process optimization services to clients across multiple industries. Our solutions give you better data for better insights, and better processes to lower costs, delight customers and increase profits.

Most companies want to jump straight to Analytics but they forget about the raw materials required to create the Analytics – data. If data is not high quality, well organized and structured to support growth and flexibility, the potential for Analytics will never be realized. We build the underlying data architectures that support all your Analytics needs – Business Intelligence and reporting to run and improve the business, Predictive Analytics to fuel proactive decision-making and drive competitive advantage.

A business runs on a collection of processes, some mission critical and others that are not. The non mission-critical processes while important do not provide any unique differentiation for a company and can be easily outsourced. Examples of such processes include accounts payable and receivable, billing and invoicing, customer information updates, inventory updates, order processing etc. We deliver 30 to 50% savings to our customers’ bottom line results through a combination of process outsourcing and process automation.

Many companies still use paper to collect information and then have to enter and organize that information into operational systems for record keeping, processing or analysis. In other cases, data could already be in electronic form but needs to be entered manually into another system because direct integration between systems has not been created. We offer high quality, cost- efficient data processing so that you can focus on your core business operations, reduce unnecessary expenses and drastically boost your profits.


The Naztech team is remarkably easy to work with, they are eager to deliver, they are flexible and are always available to accommodate our questions and needs. The did not merely distill our requirements and produce code; they clearly thought through our needs, anticipated certain requirements and put in place solutions that satisfied the requirements that we specified and addressed requirements that we should have requested.


We made a sound decision engaging Naztech. We would certainly make that same decision had we to do it again Given our projected future requirements, I do not doubt that we will leverage their capabilities in the future.


Jeffrey B. Weinstock

Managing Director, Head of Operations

Dexia Financial Products Services

Key Strengths

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  • End to End Data Integration

  • Data Warehouses and Data Lakes

  • Cloud Data Management

  • Agile Development Methodology

  • NoSQL & SQL database development

  • Big Data and Streaming Analytics

  • Process optimization

  • Data entry, cleansing and processing

  • Document indexing and search 

  • Accounts payable

  • Accounts receivable

  • Reporting & analysis

Why partner with naztech?

Flexibility: Our highly skilled and talented resources become an extension of your team and we can scale up quickly as your business grows.

Optimization: We streamline and automate non mission-critical business processes, allowing you to focus on building your core business.

Insights: 90% of Analytics efforts are spent on acquiring, cleaning, transforming and integrating data. We take the burden of data integration off your hands so your team can accelerate insights by focusing on algorithms, predictive models, metrics, reports, dashboards.

Accuracy. Our data entry processes have built in data validation and error handling controls, ensuring 99%+ data processing accuracy.

Costs: The combination of our global resource pools, streamlined processes and cutting-edge technology delivers high quality results at unbeatable costs.

Security: Multiple levels of security at employee, physical and network level, adheres to ISO 27001 standards and ensures HIPAA compliance and comprehensive data protection.

Phone: +1 (469) 223 9013

Email: info@naztech.us.com

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naztech is a trusted partner, providing deep expertise in data engineering and business process optimization services to clients across multiple industries.

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